Beautiful watch, great attention to detail in terms of construction and fit and finish – easily as good or better than my much more expensive Swiss watches. Keeps absolutely perfect time. Only one word of caution – the watch may be too large for some folks.
It is a fantastic watch ever worn so far. Dual time is a great feature for a person like me who travels quite often. It is easy to set time to a new time zone either manually or automatically. I just love this one.
This is a beautiful watch. The flowing surfaces and combination of brushed and polished surfaces are stunning. It is large, but hugs my 7.5 inch wrist well. I have been running 6 seconds a day slow. I will adjust it eventually. The blue is a sedate navy. The lume is super bright and lasts at least 5 hours.
This watch is beautiful and very elegant. It charged in a sunny window in a couple hrs. Also can be charged under a lamp at night. It worked straight out of the box ! Perfect watch for me. Although the light blue face may be easier for others. This is the perfect watch for me simple & elegant.


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