Seiko watch has become a synonym for perfection in the world of watches. It has in fact revolutionized the industry by its advancements of watch and clock making. It was the first to make the quartz watch. Some of their products are state-of -the-art creations. It is one company which has an unsurpassable track record of success. It is highly innovative in developing various types of watches. The company started in the year 1917 in Japan as jewelers and ventured into watch making. Their first watch came out in the year 1924 and since then company has never looked back. It is taken as an example for its maintenance of standards till date and has become the epitome of perfection. It is the first company to make LCD quartz and a digital watch with multiple functions. It was also the first to make pocket watches, alarm and musical watches too.

Seiko watches are known for their perfection of style, design and performance. It has become the world leader and its products are used to measure the time factor of events of great games like world cup and the Olympic Games. Achievements of the company are uncountable and it has also set up many precedents. To stay ahead in the competition the company uses in-house parts and developed numerous series of watches like quartz, mechanical, automatic and the ones with chronometers. Seiko watch of kinetic model is very famous and forms a major chunk of its sales. These watches are self energizing with the accuracy of a quartz watch. It gets energized by the movement and energy of the wearer. It is an amazing watch that can hibernate and restart after four years presenting the accurate time of the moment.

The first wrist watch was made in the year 1924. The varieties and styles that rolled out of the company are innumerable. Different colored dials with stainless steel casing are found among various series. Automatic Seiko watches of high quality and affordable prices are found in plenty and are most popular. It is the base material used in most of the watches. Different range of watches is found in either stainless steel or with leather.

The sleeker designs come with leather which are more durable and have a very long life. As leather watches are easier to handle sports range, casual wear, and formal wear uses leather as a preference. It has a strong work force of around 240 highly efficient craftsmen at two different workshops.

The best example of modern technology combined with intricate and sleek design can be found in a Seiko watch. Watches are embedded with true jewels and each piece is a reflection of precision and quality. They are a true personification of beauty and perfection. The brand caters to the needs of both men and women. All the pieces are outstanding and become center of attraction at times.